Zoe (ゾーイ) is Baron Muster's bodyguard. 


Zoe is an athletic woman, with lean muscles and scars covering her body.  She has a tattoo over her left eye, and wears a beanie.  She typically wears a trenchcoat, or a black tanktop while training.


Baron MusterEdit

Zoe works as Baron Muster's bodyguard and right-hand woman.  Though he is physically abusive towards her, she appears to have deep love for him. 


Zoe serves as Erika's trainer.  She is verbally abusive towards Erika, often threatening to harm her.


Zoe was in a sexual relationship with Damjan before he killed himself.

Professor HichamEdit

Zoe was Prof. Hicham's colleague.  She didn't seem to care much when he was killed by Baron Muster.

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