Zapan's knife
BAA05 32 Zapan's knife
Murdock having Fury sniff Zapan's knife in Battle 24.
Type Knife
Users Zapan
Debut Battle 4

During his time as a hunter-warrior Zapan wielded a large knife as his weapon of choice. It was similar to large kitchen knife, having a long single-edged blade with a short handle, around which bandages were wrapped. It was quite heavy, as Zapan cut Van in half with it by throwing it. He carried it in a scabbard on his left hip.

The knife was likely lost when Makaku wrecked Bar Kansas and was subsequently replaced. Zapan abandoned it after killing Tank Man and Murdock used it to give his dogs a scent to track him.

Other appearancesEdit

The knife also appears in the OVA and in Gunnm: Martian Memory.

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