BAALO11 196 ZANBER Special Forces
ZANBER Special Forces shown in an ad for the KZ90 in Angel Cake.
Origin Mars
Affiliations Mars Kingdom Parliament Army
Type Arms manufacturer and private military company

ZANBER (ツアンバー Tsuanbā?) (also written as Zamber) is a Martian arms manufacturer and private military company with its own special forces unit. The company manufactures the KZ90, which has been used by Zazie. In ES 591 ZANBER Special Forces supported the Mars Kingdom Parliament Army during Operation Hagel.


The company's motto is "custom guns for custom people". Besides its weapons manufacturing and PMC activities, ZANBER also offers additional products and services to its customers, such as an information service that allows the user to connect to the company's military spy satellite, as well as its own special forces for emergencies. It is also possible for ZANBER products to be linked together via the ZANBER Link.


The name ZANBER is derived from the "Zanba sword" or zanbatō, a Japanese sword used to slaughter mounted warriors in medieval Japan.[1]



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