Yasuhisa Kawamura
Birth place Chiba
Occupation Video game developer
Manga assistant (former)
Writer (former)
Residence Tokyo, Japan
Nationality Japanese

Yasuhisa Kawamura (川村 泰久 Kawamura Yasuhisa?) is a Japanese video game developer who previously worked with Yukito Kishiro as a manga assistant on Battle Angel Alita. Following the conclusion of the series, he authored the Gunnm novel, influencing the design of the character Calico.[1] One of his ideas was adapted into the side story Homecoming. Kawamura was succeeded as a manga assistant by Tsutomu Kishiro, Yukito's younger brother.

Kawamura went into video game development after the publication of the novel, working for a while at Capcom and with Shinji Mikami. He currently works as a freelancer.


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