Yakovlev 44
BAALO03 109 Yakovlev 44
Yakovlev 44 as depicted in Space Mbadi in Phase 16.
Creator Yakovlev
Debut Phase 16

Yakovlev 44 (ヤコヴレフフ 44 Yakovurefu 44?) was the spacecraft used by ORDER.


Created by the Russian manufacturer Yakovlev, Yakovlev 44 was depicted in Space Mbadi as being a light coloured spacecraft with a Space Shuttle-like appearance. It was equipped with an AI.[1]


Yakovlev 44 was either severely damaged or destroyed during ORDER's pursuit of Jean Vares to his base on Pluto in ES 472.[2] It was later depicted in the epic action-drama TV series Space Mbadi and was voiced by A. Volgin.


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