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BAA04 12 Xagnal
Xagnal in Battle 18
Japanese name ザクナル
Romanized name Zakunaru
English name Xagnal
Number 21
League Second
Debut Battle 18

Xagnal is a Second League motorball player who competed in Alita’s Second League debut race in ES 578.[1]


Xagnal has a bipedal motorball body, with an aerodynamic head shaped like a reverse teardrop that has a visor slit.


Prior to Alita’s Second League debut race, Xagnal was shown in the pit area.[2] He was the first player knocked out of the race when Armblessed went for the motorball as soon as it was released.


  1. Gunnm: Another Stories - Gunnm LO History timeline.
  2. Battle 17 - Xagnal is player no. 21 with his back to the viewer when the pit area is shown.

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