Veronica Circuit
BAA03-15 Veronica Circuit
The main entrance to the Veronica Circuit in Battle 13
English name Veronica Circuit
Type Motorball circuit
Debut Battle 13

The Veronica Circuit is a Third League motorball circuit. It was the site of Alita's fourth Third League race.


In ES 578[1] Shumira took Daisuke Ido here when he asked about Alita. She bought him a monitor ticket which allowed him to experience the race through Valdicci. Valdicci was on track to winning the race until he was dispatched by Alita at the finish line and she earned her fourth straight victory since her debut. Ido got kicked out of the circuit when he went into a restricted area and tried to talk to Alita following the race. After this her body was switched out in the Esdoc Motors trailer parked in the team area.


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