Phase 105 was released in the past week and concludes one of the three fights making up the Tenth Zenith of Things Tournament Finals. English language readers who don't have access to the raw manga or aren't reading the scanlations won't see this for at least another year, assuming that the switch in publishers from Shueisha to Kodansha doesn't hold things up for even longer. Nonetheless as spoilers are to be expected on this wiki I will not disappoint here either.

First of all, Sechs vs. Zekka and Alita vs. Toji are still unresolved. Zazie vs. Rakan, the fight involving the two weakest members of either team, wrapped up in dramatic fashion. I like how Kishiro didn't leave his readers on a cliffhanger with the conclusion of this fight to wrap it up in the next Phase, although he easily could have. However the fight did end somewhat surprisingly. Rakan appeared to have Zazie trapped with his own version of mono-molecular wire and was able to take one of her legs. However she was able to set him up in turn so that she blew off all of his limbs with a large caliber revolver. Without giving away too many details, Rakan's death was an ironic one given his background as a sexual predator. So now Zazie is left as a factor to possibly influence Alita and Sechs' fights, and maybe her earlier question as to what to do with stray bullets during the match will get answered eventually.

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