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    As a follow up to the current poll, which fight would you most like to see that is not one of the current options? Submit your ideas by commenting below and please remember to keep it civil. Any previous fights, unless they are rematches, and the three matchups below (which occur in the ZOTT Finals) cannot be nominated:

    • Alita vs. Toji
    • Sechs vs. Zekka
    • Zazie vs. Rakan

    You may mention possible matchups even if one or both fighters are already dead.

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  • BrokenSphere

    Phase 105 was released in the past week and concludes one of the three fights making up the Tenth Zenith of Things Tournament Finals. English language readers who don't have access to the raw manga or aren't reading the scanlations won't see this for at least another year, assuming that the switch in publishers from Shueisha to Kodansha doesn't hold things up for even longer. Nonetheless as spoilers are to be expected on this wiki I will not disappoint here either.

    First of all, Sechs vs. Zekka and Alita vs. Toji are still unresolved. Zazie vs. Rakan, the fight involving the two weakest members of either team, wrapped up in dramatic fashion. I like how Kishiro didn't leave his readers on a cliffhanger with the conclusion of this fight t…

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    Kodansha, Yukito Kishiro's new publisher, has released volume 1 of the Gunnm: Last Order New Edition as announced on the Japanese section of his website. It came out on July 22 and at 336 pages is listed by Amazon Japan as being an inch thick. Compared to 198 pages in the original volume 1 of Last Order, it appears that part of volume 2 is included as well, given what happened with the Gunnm: Complete Edition and the Gunnm: New Edition, in which the overall number of volumes was compressed. No idea yet if this reprint includes any bonuses or changes.

    This is the first reprint that Last Order has gone through and the series is still going ten years after it first debuted on July 19, 2001. Thankfully Kishiro did not end it at Phase 100 as a resu…

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