Tsutomu Kishiro
Japanese name 木城ツトム
Romanized name Kishiro Tsutomu
English name Tsutomu Kishiro
Birth date August 14, 1970
Birth place Chiba, Chiba
Occupation Manga assistant
Nationality Japanese
Relatives Yukito Kishiro (older brother)

Tsutomu Kishiro is the younger brother of Yukito Kishiro. He works alongside his brother as a manga assistant, and has maintained his website, Yukitopia, since 1999.

On March 12, the day after the 2011 Tōhoku earthquake, Tsutomu posted a message in the forum on the English section of Yukitopia stating that he and his brother were fine.[1]

Work on Battle Angel AlitaEdit

Tsutomu has worked on the series since at least Gunnm: Another Stories and is listed as "Staff" in the credits for the tankōbon. He currently works on Mars Chronicle.


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