The Secret Treasure of Mars, also known as the "Immortal Nostrum", is a mysterious treasure referenced in the fairytale "Neun Könige und der Jinn von Mars". It is believed to be the only possible cure to the Maske Tumor Disease[1].

The Treasure as Described by "Neun Könige und der Jinn von Mars"Edit

According to the fable, nine kings of Mars fought to death over the Secret Treasure using Ethnarchs made of the magic of the Jinns of Mars[1].  The only good king of Mars hid the Secret Treasure away, leaving a magic cane and a magic book as the only keys to the treasure[1].


The magic cane and magic book as described in the fairytale are the Goldstock (黄金杖), a golden cane discovered by Baron Muster's father, Krucht Sonann, and the Dornburg family copy of Vom Kriege, previously owned by Princess Kagura[2].  Using the cane and book, Baron Muster and company discovered a special disk in a hidden vault[3].  Whether this disk is the Secret Treasure of Mars is not yet clear.



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