Phase 89
Phase 89 title page
Volume: 15
Chapter 89
Japanese title 俺の名前を忘れたか!?
Romanized title Ore no Namae o Wasureta ka!?
English title Have You Forgotten My Name?!
Total pages 27
Released 2010
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Phase 89 of Battle Angel Alita: Last Order is Have You Forgotten My Name?!




The fight between Zekka and Sechs begins, with the latter deciding to execute his ultimate technique. Sechs extends the Super Titan Blade, throws it into a spin around his body, and adds plasma to create the Sechster Angriff Boost, a massive fireball of spinning Titan Blade and plasma. As Zekka steps back, Hegeor Hopper notes that this attack is like a planetary orbit, forming a powerful offense and defense. He also hypothesizes the origin of the name of Sechs' invented martial art, Sechster Angriff.

Zekka meanwhile, knows that there are only two blades in total no matter how fast they are spinning. He attempts a counter, but then finds himself at the centre of the spinning Titan Blade, which prevents him from moving. Sechs, who escaped the rotation, positions himself above Zekka and expands his Fizziroy Body to a massive size to unleash the Implosion Expanded Punch, which such causes a massive explosion when it hits that Rakan and Zazie and Toji and Alita momentarily stop their respective battles. However when the smoke clears, Zekka is still standing with Sechs draped around him, although their upper body clothing has been blown off. Sechs realises that Zekka had set him up.

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