Nova II (ノヴァ II Nova II?) was the first incarnation of Desty Nova to be created by he stereotomy process after the original was killed by Jim Roscoe. He was responsible for bringing Sechs, Elf, Zwölf, and Deckman 100 to Tiphares and later taking them and Alita to Ketheres. After his capture by Aga Mbadi, his brain bio-chip was extracted and later given the opportunity to be his assistant. Nova II accepted the offer and was given a second bio-chip, being reborn as Super Nova.

The name Nova II was later given by Porta Nova[1] and the former did not refer to himself as such.


Nova II was the closest incarnation in appearance and dress to the original Desty Nova. He wore a dress shirt with tie and slacks, over which was a white lab coat.






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