Mantis Fist
BAALO09 191 Abbie
Abbie in ES 191 in a flashback in Phase 55
Japanese name 蟷螂拳の
Romanized name Kamakiri Ken No
English name Mantis Fist
Origin Shandong
Related martial arts Kung Fu
Debut Phase 55

The Mantis Fist (Chinese: 螳螂拳, Dang-láng Quán) is a Chinese martial art which originated in Shandong. It was one of the martial arts learned by Vilma Fachiri while she lived in the Far East.


Gunnm novelEdit

Norinco, who only appears in the novel, is a master of this style.

Last OrderEdit

After she revived in ES 173, Vilma ran a martial arts school at Cosmetica in an attempt to earn her keep. She taught the Mantis Fist to one of her students, Abbie, who she considered mediocre. He nonetheless went on to pass the Mantis Fist to future generations.[1]


  1. Phase 55 - Three of Vilma's kung fu students are introduced.

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