Kaos (ケイオス Keiosu?) is the son of Desty Nova and a former late night DJ widely known for his broadcasts via the pirate radio station Radio K.A.O.S. He possesses psychometry, a paranormal ability that enables him to "read" an object or person by touch and respectively acquire the abilities of the person who created it, or discover their memories.


Kaos is a tall, slim man with fair skin and shoulder length fair hair. His eyes have pale pupils and irises, but when possessed by his uncontrollable rage or Den his pupils became white and his irises became dark.[2][3] Physically Kaos is very skinny, as his ribs are visible. He has an EPR transmitter that was installed into his heart and nervous system by Nova to remotely control Den's slave body.

He typically wears a light coloured long-sleeved shirt and matching pants and shoes, over which he usually has a robe wrapped around his upper body. Kaos also favours a light coloured turban and although he can see without them, usually wears sunglasses. He first wore a black pair, which was later replaced by a lighter coloured pair that featured solid metal lenses which had multiple glass miniature lenses implanted. His latest pair is black and similar to his first pair. Although he can walk unassisted, Kaos usually relies on a cane for support, as he is physically frail. Depending on the circumstances, he also carries a katana previously owned by Ryukisai Tachibana that he can skillfully wield due to his psychometry. For a year he was forced to wear a pillory that connected his left arm to his neck by Vector, but it was removed after he proved himself to the latter.

When he jacked into the Ouroboros Program Kaos' avatar was a nude version of himself composed of light energy. He also appeared in this form to Den when the latter charged into the Scrapyard.

As a child and before leaving the Scrapyard Kaos' hair was also shoulder-length and he wore similar clothing consisting of a light couloured long-sleeved shirt, pants, and shoes.[4][3]

In Gunnm: Martian Memory Kaos has white hair, wears black sunglasses, and a light blue robe and pants with dark blue shoes. An illustration by Yukito Kishiro for the 2003 Ultra Jump calendar depicts him as having white hair and wearing a light khaki turban.[5]





Psychometry: Kaos can instantly learn and channel the memories and abilities of any object's previous owner as well as learn their entire history just by touch. He can similarly learn a person's history through physical contact. Its only weakness is if the object that Kaos tries to read has been demagnetized, removing any trace of its prior history, or is brand new without any previous owners.

Kaos has exhibited various abilities in the following areas through psychometry:

  • Cybersurgery: When he first touched Alita, Kaos read Daisuke Ido's experiences as a cyberphysician, although Ido had never worked on the cyborg body that Alita was actually using at that moment, the TUNED Body. This enabled Kaos to repair Alita after she had overloaded her lungs in an effort to save Koyomi. The experience of the surgery was so close to how Ido would have operated on her that Alita at first thought that it was him. However Ido's parental love for her was transformed into a romantic love by Kaos, something that he was not able to get over, although it was unrequited.
BAA09 84 Ouroboros

Kaos accesses the Ouroboros in Battle 49.

  • Music: One of the objects psychometried by Kaos was a DX-7 digital synthesizer formerly owned by Alan Parsons. In the original manga he sang a song from the album Gaudi.[7]
  • Tailoring: Kaos created a wedding dress by hand that was found by his team of molemen in the ruins.

Enhanced durability: Depite being physically frail, a condition he has had to deal with since birth,[8] Kaos has proven to be quite resilient. He took a beating by Vector's thugs and despite having a pillory placed on him by Vector that bound one of his arms to his neck and rendered it useless, was able to survive in the Scrapyard for a year. Nearly a year later he was hit by a taxi and despite lying unattended for some time, did not sustain any serious injuries.

Former AbilitiesEdit

BAALO 02 196 Kaos in action

Kaos defeats Vector's henchmen in Phase 12.

Combat: As a result of his frail physical condition, Kaos did not engage in hand to hand combat. However by using a katana belonging to the Japanese master Ryukisai Tachibana he could use the sword fighting style Hikida Kage-ryū via psychometry. He defeated a team of Desty Nova's cyborg ninjas, three of Vector's henchmen, and the cyborg swordmaster Pizmo, all without sustaining any injuries. Kaos' connection to Den enabled the latter to control his body and make use of his sword techniques, although Den was unable to defeat Alita.

However after Geppa was killed during the game of Death Checkers forced upon Kaos by Nova X, the katana which he had been carrying was destroyed. It was subsequently recreated, but lost the history of its previous owner, thus rendering Kaos no longer able to use Hikida Kage-ryū.

Enhanced senses: Kaos initially had different physical senses from normal humans: he can only see in infrared and only hear and speak via radio waves. When he first met Koyomi she had to wear a special transceiver to communicate with him. A similar transceiver was also worn by Jasmine. However these senses were subsequently discarded, as other characters later interacting with with Kaos did not wear a transceiver, yet have communicated with him normally.


Kaos was born in the Scrapyard although his mother has never been mentioned. Jasmine knew him since he was a young boy and was part of the household. At one point Nova gave Kaos a caged bird which he wondered at and longed to touch. When its caged was opened though the bird flew away but was shot by a netman. Nova ridiculed his son's actions and pointed out that nothing that could fly was permitted below Tiphares, causing Kaos to be mad at himself. It was also at a young age when the Den aspect of Kaos' personality would sometimes seize him and drive him into a murderous rage. During one such incident he severely beat a man and broke his wrist, but after the rage dissipated he could not recall what had happened.


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