Hellas Colony
BAALO12 128 Hellas Colony
Hellas Colony in Phase 72.
Affiliations Mars Republik Heer
Part of Mars
Type City
Debut Phase 72

Hellas Colony (ヘラスコロニー Herasukoronī?) is a city located in the 2,100 km wide Hellas Plain in the southern hemisphere of Mars. It is under the control of the Mars Republik Heer and is the site of the Universal Karate Championship.


Under the Mars Republik Heer's rule Hellas been peaceful for 120 years.[1] In ES 587 Toji set a record by a toppling a 120 story skyscraper with a single blow at the 45th Universal Karate Championship, winning the tournament for the 20th straight time.[1][2]



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