Heavens Gate
BAA02 64 Heavens Gate
A bottle of Heavens Gate in Battle 9.
Type Liquor
Users Vector
Debut Battle 9

Heavens Gate is a high end Scrapyard liquor which Vector has access to.


Vector and Hugo shared a drink of Heavens Gate at Factory 242 when the former proposed that Hugo mange one of six intermediate supply routes that would come under his control.[1] Vector later had a bottle when listening to the last broadcast of Radio K.A.O.S. ten years later.[2]


The style of the liquor's brand name and the words on the label, which read "Open the gate and watch" are a reference to the 1990 EP Open The Gate And Watch! by the German power/heavy metal band Heavens Gate


  1. Battle 9 - Hugo talks with Vector at Factory 242.
  2. Battle 42 - The final broadcast of Radio K.A.O.S.

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