BAA03 32 Höllzug trailer
The Höllzug trailer parked between Esdoc Motors' (left) and Valdicci's trailers in Battle 13.
Origin Scrapyard
Type Motorball team
Debut Battle 13

Höllzug is a motorball team that was represented by an unnamed Third League player who wore number 5 during Alita's tenure in the Third League.


The Höllzug trailer was parked between that of Esdoc Motors and Valdicci's during Alita's Third League race that was witnessed by Daisuke Ido. Player number 5 was outside the trailer, indicating that he had either survived the race Alita was in or had yet to compete.[1]


  1. Battle 13 - The aftermath of Alita's Third League race that Ido watched.

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