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BAA04 19 Glaive
Glaive in Battle 18
Japanese name グレイブ
Romanized name Gureibu
English name Glaive
Number 67
League Second
Debut Battle 18

Glaive is a Second League motorball player who competed in Alita’s Second League debut race in ES 578.[1]


Glaive has a bipedal motorball body, with a pincer-like weapon mounted in one of the arms.


During the race, the brutal combat that characterized it knocked Glaive out of competition.[2]


He is named after the glaive, a pole weapon.


  1. Gunnm: Another Stories - Gunnm LO History timeline.
  2. Battle 18 - The only four players left at the halfway point of the first lap were Alita, Madosen, Zafal Takie, and Tiegel.

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