Gilroy (ギルロイ Giruroi?) was the captain of the Wild Guns, a team that competed in the Tenth Zenith of Things Tournament (ZOTT).


An unusual looking cyborg, Gilroy had a prominent hooked nose, large, slitted pupils, a long shock of hair, and a beard. A team portrait of the Wild Guns depicted him as being the shortest member, wearing a hat and coat and wielding dual pistols.[1]


Like rest of his teammates, Gilroy was a master of firearms. He was shown wielding two pistols and later large caliber rifle against Sechs.


BAALO10 36 Death of Gilroy

Gilroy's death in Phase 57.

Wild Guns made it to the Quarterfinals of Block-A, where they faced the Space Angels. Gilroy was the last member of the team left standing after the others were singlehandedly wiped out by Sechs, the Space Angels' sole combatant. With the two caught in a Mexican standoff, Gilroy suggested that Sechs' gun was out of ammunition. He proposed that in return for Sechs dropping his gun, he would not fire the armour-piercing rifle that he had leveled at the former's eye. Sechs however refused and dodged Gilroy's shot by ramming his gun into the latter's head, killing him to take the match.


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