BAA04 36 Franverge
Franverge in Battle 18
Number 59
League Second
Debut Battle 18

Franverge is a Second League motorball player who competed in Alita’s Second League debut race in ES 578.[1].


Franverge has a light coloured bipedal motorball body with rectangular eyes, a thin mustache, and spiked chin. He has spikes on the rear of his shoulders and dark lightning bolts decorating both sides of his helmet.


Placed just behind Skaramasakus for the start of the race, Franverge was briefly able to keep pace behind him when he became the ballkeeper, but was passed by Zafal Takié when the racers entered Somersault Hill. After Armblessed defeated Ajakutty, he sliced Franverge into pieces along the transaxial plane.


  • His likely namesake is the Flamberge, a wave-bladed sword.


  1. Gunnm: Another Stories - Gunnm LO History timeline.

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