BAA08 181 firefly
A firefly in Battle 47.
Type Support weapon
Purpose Opening tunnels, close range combat
Creator Ground Investigation Bureau
Debut Battle 47

The firefly, known in Japan as enkera, was a support weapon that was used by the TUNED.


Developed by the Ground Investigation Bureau, the firelfy was a flying, insect-like device that could be used to open tunnels or in close range combat by generating a 5 second spherical plasma burst before burning away. During this process it could also generate a brief electronic countermeasures (ECM) field.


In ES 590[1] Alita used a firefly to dig through the ground and enter the Granite Inn's large underground system of pipes instead of going through the front entrance, which had been booby trapped by Desty Nova.

Other appearancesEdit

The enkera can be purchased as a missile weapon in Gunnm: Martian Memory.


  1. Gunnm: Another Stories - Gunnm LO History timeline.

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