Erica (エーリカ Erika?), full name Erica Walt (ヴァルト Ērika Vuaruto?), is a surviving Künstler and member of the Einherjar, making her a necro soldier. She was Yoko's closest friend during the Terraforming Wars, during which both girls were orphaned and were subsequently taken into Grünthal. Erica surfaced during Operation Hagel as the mysterious Frau X (フラウ・X Furau X?) (German for "Woman X"). Her true identity was strongly hinted at, but not definitively confirmed until the events of Mars Chronicle.


Erica is a slim, fair skinned cyborg with blue eyes and dark, chin-length blonde hair. She has the Künstler's distinctive eye black beneath her eyes and wears a form fitting dark bodysuit.

Originally, Erica was fully flesh and blood. After losing her left eye and left forearm she was given an eyepatch and fitted with a cybernetic forearm by Finch. She later became a full cyborg.

As Frau X, Erica has demonstrated the ability to mask her appearance, being depicted as a dark, shadowy figure with chin-length fair hair. Her eyes have a unique pattern of white irises and pupils. When watching the start of the Tenth Zenith of Things Tournament Finals she was huddled in a blanket.[1]


Erica's current personality is completely different from when she was younger. She is now an embodiment of the Künstler fighting ethic in its prime, that of a ruthless and brutally efficient warrior. Although she displayed a grudging respect for Zazie during their fight, it was speculated that she used an unnamed Dim Mak-like technique on her in order to try and break her spirit for displaying such determination. She has a tendency to use German words in her speech.


Panzer Kunst: Erica is a master Künstler and unlike Alita, is not handicapped by the gaps in her memory. She was also a member of the Mauser School. She has used the following techniques:

Unnamed techniques

  • Bullet deflection: Erica can throw several bullets by hand with enough velocity to deflect multiple homing rounds fired at her.
  • Dim Mak-like technique: A slow acting, yet fatal technique that triggers thousands of soliton waves inside the opponent's skull without decaying, which will localize in one spot in a month and blow their head off. Attempts to treat this fail, as the Verschlag is transmitted to whatever or whoever touches the victim's head, blowing off limbs and destroying medical equipment.

Optical and audio camouflage: Erica can completely camouflage her appearance and voice, as she appeared as a shadowy woman during her fight with Alpha Team. The audio feed of her fight with Zazie only picked up static when she talked.

Ultrasonic wave projection: Erica can generate ultrasonic waves without any indicator that she is doing so, which she can use as part of Kurz Bombe Kunst to trigger her bombs.


Shoelace: A standard issue shoelace, which was handle with such skill and force that Erica swiftly and easily sliced open Trevor's head and cut Mauer in half. She was also able to cut through Zazie's super ceramic knife at the molecular level.


Erica grew up in a rough part of Curie Stadt on Mars. Her parents were abusive towards her and were responsible for her disfigurement. At one point Johan goaded Hershey into tearing off her left forearm as he laughed while having a drink, and Marita stabbed her in the left eye with a fork for looking at her "with naughty eyes". To cope with the abuse, Erica created a fantasy of what her ideal family would be like by imagining that they lived an idyllic life as depicted on a billboard outside her window, that ironically portrayed a family similar in appearance to hers.

The last time Erica and Alita saw each other was prior to Operation Maulwurf when they sparred. Alita was severely beaten and vowed to kill Erica the next time they met.


Last OrderEdit

BAALO14 52 Frau X

Erica during Operation Hagel in Phase 83.

Erica appeared during Operation Hagel, during which she single-handedly wiped out the Venus Foreign Legion's Squad Q, in total killing over 30 elite soldiers from the various allied factions. As the Neo Third Reich Division was in control of Olympus Spaceport at the time, she was affiliated with them in some capacity. Following the annihilation of Squad Q, Erica encountered Zazie's Alpha Team as they were on a utility vehicle track while moving to back up Squad Q. Mauer first spotted her coming in the opposite direction on a burning utility vehicle before she swiftly destroyed the drone. Zazie had Kong fire a missile at the vehicle, but Mauer mysteriously jumped in front of the missile as it was launched, calling Erica his "angel". Erica then boarded Alpha Team's utility vehicle unseen and stealthily killed both Trevor and Kong using a shoelace she had seized from a Squad Q soldier. However she was unable to kill Zazie as easily and a fight ensued, during which Erica managed to completely stay out of Zazie's line of sight. She hit Zazie with the Verschlag, who responded by shooting her own wrist to release the vibrations, having previously experienced during her fight with Alita. Realizing that Zazie knew about the Verschlag, Erica briefly halted the fight, telling her that the outside world must not learn about the technique. Zazie attempted to distract Erica by mentioning Alita's old name, Yoko, as well as that she was competing in the Tenth Zenith of Things Tournament. The news briefly stunned Erica, allowing Zazie to swiftly turn and try to shoot her while also throwing a grenade. However Erica countered and Zazie barely survived the resulting destruction of the utility car.

BAALO14 196 Frau X

Frau X watching the start of the Finals in Phase 87.

When Zazie awoke, she was debriefed by General Yazuiji and Erica was designated as "Frau X" due to her mysterious identity. Zazie shortly discovered after that Frau X had used a Dim Mak-like technique to plant tens of thousands of soliton waves inside her skull, which causes her to spread Hertza Haeon waves to anything solid she touched. This would eventually culminate in an explosion inside her head in a month's time. Ordered to support the Space Angels by Queen Limeira, Zazie helped defeat Warmen 609. She attempted to tell Alita about her experience with Frau X, but had tremendous difficulty doing so, and eventually collapsed after the Space Karate Forces defeated the Genome Kingdom in their Semifinals match. She was only able to tell her story after being brought into the Space Angels' base camp to prevent Sechs and Alita from fighting each other. Alita was able to negate the soliton waves and heal Zazie, at the same time discovering a coded message in the soliton waves: "So much awaits". Erica was seen again somewhere on Mars huddled in a blanket while watching the ZOTT broadcast on the eve of the Finals.

Mars ChronicleEdit

At some point after, Erica had a memorial erected amidst the ruins of Mamiana to draw Alita out. The two met again in ES 594 when Alita visited the memorial with Danko. Although Erica was behind the memorial, both realised that someone was there and Alita called her out.

After a little discussion about her role in the Neo Third Reich Division, Erica commenced a fight with Alita. Both künstlers used multiple combat techniques and Erica demonstrated her formidable abilities, deflecting a point blank shot fired at her by Danko with Kugel Keit.