Desty Nova's machine pistol
BAA09 106 Desty Nova's machine pistol
The machine pistol in Battle 49.
Type Machine pistol
Creator Desty Nova
Users Desty Nova
Debut Battle 49

Desty Nova used a machine pistol when he confronted Alita in the Granite Inn after she broke free from his Ouroboros Program the second time. After tearfully stating that if it were still his dream he would do anything to protect her, he was able to get off one shot that grazed her body armour before she decapitated him with the Damascus Blade.


The machine pistol had an angled grip and a light coloured barrel into which the magazine fed. It was chambered to handle armour-piercing discarding sabot (APDS) rounds, making it functional for use against more armoured opponents such as cyborgs.

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