BAA01 35 Deckmen

Various deckmen greet Alita when she goes to register as a hunter-warrior in Battle 2

A deckman (デッキマン Dekkiman?) is one of two types of cyborgs employed by the Factory, the other being the netman. They are responsible for running the day-to-day operations of the Factory, which no humans work directly for. Deckmen perform administrative functions for the hunter-warriors, operate the Factory Railroad, and administer Factory Law.


Deckmen are cylindrical cyborgs whose limbs are provided when they link to a system interface. They have human brains which have been reconditioned to be stripped of any will, desires, or emotions. This makies them loyal and unquestioning servants of the Factory and ultimately, Tiphares. They are distinguished by their numbers, with no two deckmen having the same number. Each also has a different face and individual quirks in their speech. They use a system of linear tubes for transport.

Named deckmenEdit

The following deckmen appear in the series:

Other appearancesEdit

Deckmen appear in the OVA and in Gunnm: Martian Memory. In the latter, they act save points, keep records of the bounties Gally has killed, and later in the game, also function as shops and the Cyberne.


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