BAA03 180 Copperhead
Copperhead in Battle 17.
Status Alive
Number 6
League Second League
Debut Battle 17

Copperhead (コパーヘッド Kopāheddo?) is a Second League motorball player who competed in Alita's Second League debut race.


Hehas a bipedal motorball body with a round head and long arms.


Prior to Alita's Second League debut race Copperhead was shown in the pit area.[1] During the race he was knocked out of contention by Bargerald with Pile-Driver.[2] When Alita visited Farm 21 more than ten years later in search of Daisuke Ido, one of the cyborgs that Kayna gathered to intimidate her was an unnamed motorball player whose number is 6 and who may or may not have been Copperhead.[3]


He is named after the venomous pit viper species found in parts of North America.


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