BAA05 111 Collapser
A vial of collapser in Battle 26.
Type Destructive nanomaterial
Purpose Break down of the Berserker Body at the cellular level
Creator Desty Nova
Users Alita
Desty Nova
Debut Battle 26

The collapser was a destructive nanomaterial that could break down the Berserker Body at the cellular level. It was developed by Desty Nova some time after he acquired the Berserker Body from Ed, Alita’s motorball manager, and was the only thing that could defeat the Berserker Body.


When Nova acquired the Berserker Body and studied it, he discovered that it was a nanotechnological creation and developed the collapser as a safeguard, keeping a large syringe of collapser in the lab at his manor as a precaution.


After the remains of Zapan's heavily damaged brain were found in the Scrapyard sewers by Barzarld, Nova was able to rebuild it. When Zapan expressed his desire for revenge and power, Nova decided to give him the Berserker Body to help him fulfill this desire. However when he released the lock on it the body began to go out of control. Nova attempted to inject it with a large syringe of collapser to save his lab, but failed. Daisuke Ido was killed when he attempted to do so.

BAA05 158 Bullets

Bullets being tipped with collapser in Battle 27.

Before leaving the Scrapyard, Nova gave Alita a Smith & Wesson Model 610[1] revolver, ammunition, and collapser to use against Zapan, whose brain had fused with the Berserker Body. On the morning after arriving back to find Bar New Kansas destroyed, Alita prepared the collapser and assembled the Model 610. She then tipped the collapser onto six rounds. It was while doing this that she realisd that handling a firearm felt familiar, a hint to her past life as a Künstler although she could not place it. A crowd of Scarpyard residents then appeared and tried to force her to go to Zapan, as he had been crying out for her. After a brief demonstration of her skill followed by the crowd begging her to sacrifice herself, Alita set off.

During the fight, Alita managed to shoot Zapan twice with collapser-tipped bullets, which started to dissolve the Berserker Body. When he attempted to absorb her in a last ditch attempt to kill her, she swallowed a vial of collapser to forestall this and survived.

Other appearancesEdit

In Gunnm: Martian Memory Gally is given a revolver with unlimited bullets to defeat Zapan's final form.


  1. Yukito Kishiro clarifies the gun's make and model in the Q&A section of the Japanese version of his website. Accessed 2011-04-21.

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