BAA01 105 Coliseum

Kinuba (left) and Zaariki face each other in the Coliseum in Battle 4

The Coliseum is one of the two most popular spectator sports in the Scrapyard, the other being motorball. It is located in the Eastern Region, while motorball is in the Western Region. The Coliseum is similar to professional wrestling and features two opponents who fight each other one on one in the center of an underground arena. The combatants tend to be very large cyborgs over 5 meters tall who use a variety of weapons built into their bodies.[1]

It is not clear if the Coliseum also fulfills the role that motorball does by serving as a means to relieve the frustrations of the Scrapyard's residents and is similarly supported by the Factory,[2] although this is implied.


The Coliseum made an early appearance when Makaku killed Kinuba, the reigning champion, and stole his body to get revenge on Alita in ES 577.[3] Vector later hired the subsequent champion, Zaariki, as muscle, although Alita easily defeated him.[4] Years later Coliseum champion Vanado challenged Den to a duel in ES 590 for the 1 million chip bounty on him, but was quickly defeated.

Other appearancesEdit

The Coliseum is mentioned in the OVA, which follows the early part of the Battle Angel Alita manga up through Hugo's death. Here Vector's role with the Coliseum was expanded, suggesting that he had a stake in it. He also thought of having Gally fight for him, giving her the moniker "the Battle Angel."

In Gunnm: Martian Memory the Coliseum is indirectly mentioned through Kinuba's appearance. None of the other fighters appear in the game.


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