BAA05 30 Altitude
A Scrapyard street dealer with an ampoule in Battle 24.
Type Street drug
Purpose Stimulant
Users Zapan
Debut Battle 24

"Altitude" is the nickname of a street drug sold in the Scrapyard. It is a stimulant that will "blow your mind sky high and clear your head."[1] Sold in ampoules, it was originally named Hot Freeze.[2]


After Zapan killed Tank Man and another hunter-warrior, he grew more fearful of Alita after learning that she had become the motorball champion. He tried to take away his fear with drugs, finding a female street dealer who first recommended Altitude to him. When she saw Sara's head, which Zapan had preserved in a jar and was carrying with him, she offered to trade the drugs for it, hinting that she was a necrophiliac with lesbian tendencies. However this information ended up costing her her life, and Zapan took a few ampoules of Altitude as well as some of another drug that the dealer had, Desolation Road.


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