For the title character of Battle Angel Alita, see Alita.

The original Alita, known in Japan as Gally (ガリィ Garī?), was a cat owned by Daisuke Ido while he lived in the Scrapyard. The cat is Alita's namesake. It made a brief appearance in Battle Angel Alita and is a character in the side story The Holy Night.


Alita was a black cat that wore a bell on its collar.


Ido had the original Alita as pet in ES 571.[1] It survived the destruction of Gonzu's home when Carol was captured by Pakila in her giant cyborg body, dying a few years later.


Battle Angel AlitaEdit

After Ido found the remains of a cyborg in the Tiphares dumpheap in ES 577[1] he decided to name her after his cat, despite Gonzu's objection that Alita was a male.

BAA09 90 Alita

Alita in Battle 49.

The cat later made a brief appearance as part of a dream sequence that Alita experienced while she was trapped in Desty Nova's Ouroboros Program. In this dream, Alita was named "Gally", the character's original Japanese name, while the cat was named "Alita" and was female. Nova himself appeared in this dream as Ido's partner who could not get along with the cat and was thinking of poisoning it, a reflection of his actual relationship with Alita at that point. After Kaos was able to infiltrate the Ouroboros and began fighting the Great Martian King dream robot in the form of Den, the dream Gally and Alita merged into the form of the real Alita, and she broke free of the Ouroboros.

Last OrderEdit

In a nod to her namesake, after Alita was resurrected in her Imaginos 2.0 body by destroying and absorbing part of Tunguska, she gave herself a cat's tail from a piece of Tunguska's body that remained stuck to her rear end. She also began to exhibit more cat-like behavior.

Other appearancesEdit

The cat appears in Gunnm: Martian Memory during the dream sequence that Gally experiences when she is trapped in the Ouroboros Program.


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